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dakuda 04-26-2009 10:01 AM

I found this thread today: I would like to keep the suggestions in one place, so I closed that thread to start anew here.

I would like to solicit current suggestions for the forum.

Lately: allowed image sizes have been increased, posting pictures earlier has been permitted, more smilies are available, etc.

What else would people like to see here? I obviously cannot promise that everything you ask for will happen, but it will all be taken into account.

I am here daily and would love to see more friendly faces/avatars. :)


Nestor_Kelebay 04-26-2009 11:52 AM

One suggestion would be a "Cleaning" forum.

Cleaning is the one thing ALL of us do, and (believe it or not) there is some technology behind it.

Also, if I had to name one single thing that causes more malfunctions than anything else, it would have to be "durt". Just ordinary dirt getting into a place where it makes a difference cause more malfunctions than anything else, and more repairs are effected by a simple cleaning than any other one thing.

The problem is, few of us have anyone other than the 19 year old kid stacking shelves in the grocery store to turn to for technical support when it comes to cleaning, and so we don't bother cuz we know he don't know nuthin anyhow.

PS: The rest may be irrelevent and beyond anyone's control.
As a landlord, I know a little bit about a wide range of subjects, so I post on these kinds of forums as a kind of hobby, as do some others in here. What you have here is a chicken/egg situation where there aren't many people posting questions on this forum because you don't have very many TRUELY knowledgeable people, and lots of truly knowledgeable people and professionals don't post on this forum cuz it's kinda slow in here. Typical Catch 22.

About the only thing I would suggest to solve that problem is to have the phrase "DIY Q&A Forum" repeated over and over again about 20 times somewhere on the home page of this forum. That way, when a baby squabble breaks out in another DIY Q&A Forum somewhere else, and some knowledgeable person decides he's gonna go post somewhere else cuz he ain't appreciated and Googles "DIY Q&A Forum", this web site will show up at or near the top of the results list. And, since you guys are kinda obscure, there's a good chance that guy hasn't posted here before and will figure "Let's try this site for a bit."

Or, at least, that'd be what I'd do to get traffic through here.

glennjanie 04-26-2009 01:19 PM

Hello Dakuda:
Inquisitors come here to get a straight forward, easily understood answer to their specific questions. Often, they don't know the terminology which limits their questions and causes embarassment.
They don't realize that the question they have may be shared with several others who are also afraid to ask. When you ask a question, everyone gets the answer(s) and we all may learn from it. Spelling keeps some others silent; I say "It takes a very narrow minded person to spell a word only one way".
Specific answers to specific questions; its the KISS fromula (keep it simple stupid).

Nestor_Kelebay 04-26-2009 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by glennjanie (Post 29945)
Hello Dakuda:
Spelling keeps some others silent; I say "It takes a very narrow minded person to spell a word only one way".

Variations of that same quote have been attributed to Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Mark Twain, G. K. Chesterton and W. C. Fields. Probably they all heard it, liked it, repeated it and were subsequently credited for it, so prolly no one knows who first thought of it. My guess is that it was first said by someone who couldn't spell worth a $#|^.

Spell a word only one way - Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia

Jim McClain 05-02-2009 01:49 AM


Originally Posted by dakuda (Post 29933)
What else would people like to see here? I obviously cannot promise that everything you ask for will happen, but it will all be taken into account.

Bottom navigation. I am SO lazy, I hate to scroll up a page to either find out where I am or click a link to go elsewhere on the site. I notice you gave the jump-to menu the heave ho. That's fine. It's a code bloat anyway. But you could add another breadcrumb navigation to the bottom of the page, maybe just under the Tags panel. Below is what I did. You could do it without the background too, to cut down on the code. It's a simple template modification and it does make navigating the forums a lot easier. 'Course, that's just me. ;)

Click to see full-size.


PS: just noticed my attachment was in full-size. even 800px wide is too wide for those members who use a 1024x768 monitor. if your php version allows it, you can have the attachements automatically made into thumbnails of a much more managable size - and this version of the forum software has that really cool LightBox feature that makes the picture open in full-size when clicked or hovered over. anyway, I changed my picture to a link to the full size when you click it.

dakuda 05-22-2009 06:06 PM

I added a bottom navigation today.

You are right about getting more people. We are actually pretty high on Google searches. I have noticed your activity lately, and appreciate your help with many of our users. :beer:

ct67_72 05-30-2009 03:41 PM

how about a thread just for pictures. you can post before and afters, new purchases, projects etc.

shan2themax 06-01-2009 08:43 PM

I used to hang around this forum ALOT!!! but for whatever reason, I have a horrible time staying logged in and once I am logged in I often get booted out as soon as I click on the new posts button, All of my pics are gone from my gallery, and I have slowly started to redownload them from my posts on here but, again, oftentimes when I click on something I get booted.... I have tried from several different computers thinking maybe it was my laptop but it seems to happen everywhere.... I pretty much always got my questions answered, although sometimes I would have to say... ok, put it in sequence that my pretty little brain can handle... lol.... I loved the forum, but it really irritates me alot when i have to relog-in constantly.... I sent sent a message through the contact us link a while back but have not heard anything from it..... otherwise... this site got me through a lot while I tried to do things and I have not worked on things in a while because I havent found another site that I felt that the posters were as knowledgeable as they are on this site. :banana:


shan2themax 06-01-2009 08:45 PM

ok..... I click post reply... and got booted.... see what I mean.... so frustrating.... :confused:

inspectorD 06-02-2009 05:05 AM

Hiya Shan
Well...I have not been having your issues around here,...hmmmm. Maybe someone will know what is happening with your link.
Keep up the fight, these computers are always a blast when they talk back.:help::clap:

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