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johnbaum 11-14-2011 02:39 PM

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Another idea I had was to place two steel beams across the bottom of the floor joists that spans the width of the house. One on each side of the existing beam to be removed about half way the distance of the floor joists. (See Attachment) I was thinking that using this method I could possibly eliminate the center beam altogether by peicing in material between the joists and securing them together with steel plates. I think that the steel beams may need to be closer together to support the middle but still may afford space enough between them to make a decent sized room. Any idea if this would work? There are a number of steel beam manufactuers available to choose from, one being these folks here, LiteSteelbeam? - Installation Guide

Please keep in mind that the drawing is just to illustrate the idea and the amount of floor joists are not indicative of size.

Thanks again for all the help.

johnbaum 11-22-2011 01:02 PM

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Ok, spoke to an Engineer/Structural Draftsman and all around handy man kind of guy and he suggested that I construct two temporary beams for temporary support and use several jack posts to hold the floor across the studs and basement walls while the old beam is removed and the LAM beam is installed. He also said that where any of the floor Joists are bad to construct "Boots" out of similar sized lumber (Local saw mill true 2x10) and hang all joists to the LAM Beam with Joist hangers. He said that once the floor joists are level and attached to the LAM Beam there will be no deflection and that the LAM Beam would not require any support and will clearspan the width of the basement. He seemed quite confident and had no reason to BS me because he is not a contractor rather a family friend. Does this seem to you guys like sound advice?

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