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mbarnum 02-24-2009 07:59 PM

Building a covered patio 18x26
My question is.. what are my options to tie-in the roof rafters to the existing roof. The patio rafters run in the same direction as the roof rafters i'm tie-ing into. Things I'v thought about.,,1. Cut out the decking where the patio rafters tie in the the roof and nail them to the side of an existing rafter. 2. Nail a 2x6 to the existing roof (perpendicular) to the rafters and nail the end of the patio rafters to the 2x6.. 3. Or just cust the patio rafters at the correct angel, set them on the roof right on top of the existing roof rafters and toenail them. any suggestions?? thanks MUCH !! Mitch

I just saw the framing section. so I'm putting this questions here... also.. tks Mitch

jdougn 02-26-2009 07:18 AM

Hello mbarnum,

Actually, each of the three methods gets used. Generally, #2 is what works best for me. However instead of nailing a 2x6 to the existing roof, consider that the entire cut section of the porch rafter needs supported. This may require using a 2x12 or more depending upon the slope of the roof. It is also good practice to remove any shingles that are directly under anything nailed to the roof. This makes reroofing much easier and allows the nails to get a full grip.
just my .o2, Doug

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