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MattMM 08-24-2010 10:31 AM

Building a Garage Attic/Ceiling
I am in need of some more storage in my garage and have decided it is time to put some attic space up in the garage. When I started to look at what needed to be done, I started second guessing myself about it. The pic below is a cross section of what I have there now. I have rafter ties about 9 ft up from the floor that are 48" o/c with collar ties up toward the peak of the roof that are 32" o/c. What I was initially planning to do was to run a 2X8 16" o/c across the the span at the same height as the 2x6 rafter. I was then going to run 2x6 straps from each end of the collar ties above down to the 2x8s for support. Once i started thinking about how much weight was going to be up there with a 5/8" drywall ceiling and moderate storage above, I started to get a bit worried about doing possible damage to the roof and/or walls. I am in the process of looking for a local architect/engineer to take a look at it but thought I would give it a try here also. Thanks for any responses!

GBR 08-25-2010 10:24 AM

Yes, use a Structural Engineer for the liability. We could help with the spans but the DBL 2x12 beam holding up the raters, the extra 7' rafter ext., and the offset connection above the wall plates are critical. Just the connection of the rafter ties/to be/ceiling joists are important: Myers Construction Company Structural engineering other technical topics - How to calculate rafter thrust? -Help!

Be safe, Gary

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