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ctkulig 04-28-2008 01:36 PM

caulking concrete
Hey all, I had a concrete patio pad poured last summer and would like to know what to use to seal up where the pad meets the foundation wall.
Should I just use masonary crack sealer or is there something else?

Also I would like to paint my garage floor but the part of concrete that is exposed when you close garage door seems to be flaking off the top, what would you recommend I use to repair that before I paint?


handyguys 04-29-2008 08:22 AM

Hi - No need to caulk the seam between the house and patio. The pad should have a little slope to it so water is directed away from the house. If thats not the case then have the contractor back to fix it. The caulk there is mainly aesthetic in my opinion. They do make a sealant for this and its sold in the home center in a caulk tube and is concrete colored.

I also would not try and repair the flaking concrete. The description flaking says to me thin little slices of concrete are coming off. I would just prep the area according to your floor coating directions (remove any loose materials). You will never get a patch to stick when its a thin area.

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