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Bigtime 05-06-2014 04:12 PM

concrete foundation spalling
I have a below grade foundation spalling below the brick line. I trenched out the dirt away in fall of 2013, cleaned and patched the area with repair mortar pantitop xs. Over winter the bottom section of repair area that is closest to the dirt popped off. More foundation came off when I checked it. The problem area dropped down to the dirt line. I suspected moisture from the soil got in under the seam where the new mortar met the old foundation and popped out more of the foundation. I plan on redoing the areas again and putting on Grey SHield seal over the area and over old foundation below work seam about 3-4 inches to prevent moisture from getting into the foundation again. Is this proper? I am a do this correct or should I call in an expert? Not sure who all I see is water seepage companies in my area.

nealtw 05-06-2014 05:13 PM

There are others here that will give advice on the patch work, but it sounds like you have freeze thaw. Water will wick up from the ground. Do you have a perimeter drain around the foundation and is there no waterproofing on the foundation?

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