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Mudball 06-17-2006 10:40 AM

Correct 8 foot high ceiling/wall
Bare with me as I try and word these questions and ask them the best I can. I have concrete block for walls. There will be sill plate sitting on top of the block for the trusses to sit on. There will be a concrete pad floor poured. My question is to be able to determine where the top of the pad will be pored then shouldnt I measure from where the top of the sill plate is (where the trusses sit)? If I measure from the top of the sill plate just where the trusses sit on them down exactly 8' then that is where the concrete pad should be poured to...correct ?
I want my walls and drywall to come out good without cutting as much (if possible)
Wouldnt I be attaching the top side of the drywall to the "side" of the 2X4 that is straight across and horizontally even with the sill plate sitting on the block ?
For my walls I know there would be a treated 2X4 on the concrete and I believe a 2X4 nailed to the bottom of the trusses just even across from the sill plate (?) and I believe they sell 2X4's that are 92 5/8" long that wouls fit in between these two boards but I want to make sure I have the correct 8' distance from top to bottom.
Does is sound like Im on the right track :confused:

inspectorD 06-17-2006 06:17 PM

If I understand what you said....yes.
Also the concrete floor going to be built up at all?
The truss's should have some 3/4 inch straping nailed to the bottom coard for sheetrock at 16" on center. This will help the rock not to crack due to span's and uplift of the truss system.

Got all that???

What are you building?

Square Eye 06-17-2006 06:47 PM

97" is where you want to end up. 92 5/8" + (1 1/2 x3 =)4 1/2 = 97 1/8" building standard when stick framing. You will have to make some cuts somewhere or stack some 2x's to make up the difference.

The reason for the extra inch is that you want the extra inch to allow for 1/2 " of drywall ceiling and 1/2" off of the floor to keep the drywall up off of the floor to keep moisture from wicking up the wallboards.

inspectorD 06-17-2006 07:02 PM

My math sucks.... I was just adding the 3 plates a-s-suming they were there...I better pay more attention.

Square Eye...empty your message box willya..your full.
The edit my phopa here...:D

Mudball 06-18-2006 03:57 AM

Thanks a whole bunch. Now I understand a lot better.
Just wondering though is it better to be too short and cut off whats needed or be too long and have to stack to make up the difference ? If you had to be closer to one way or the other then which would it be ?
Thanks again.

inspectorD 06-18-2006 08:19 AM

Me thinks you got it backwards...
Make them 1/4 " short and shim them into place at the top.
Easier to stand up the walls that way.

Mudball 06-18-2006 06:07 PM

Thats sounds great. Thanks for the help. I guess a lot depends on the concrete pad contractor when that time comes.

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