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timaelabu 08-23-2012 07:39 PM

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Originally Posted by nealtw View Post
There dosn't appear to be enough of the joist on top of the wall. A nailing strip will not add support that is needed. What ever you plan to do, asking the inspector first is the answer. Unless you do what he suggested.
Thanks again. Could you please check the attached design someone has recommended and let me know what you think. As per the design i can support the Cut parts of the joist on the wall below and connect the header only on the non-hvac duct side (right side of the photos) of the I-Joist.

Here are comments from a gentleman who gave me a design-

"The right side is OK, since it sits on a vertical wall. The left side needs a "bridge" to help support that flapping end. You may (since I can't see from the pix) have to cut back even a little more on the I-joist in order to install a 2x12 (or whatever size fits) on the end of it and have space to work. I would extend the 2x12 over the wall, attach it to the end of the I-joist and bridge to the adjacent joist, fastening it there with a T notch so the 2x12 not only fits the top and bottom chord, but sits inside to fit the webbing, where you can screw it in solidly and it will rest on the bottom chord.
Forgive my rudimentary drawing."

In your experience does the county inspector ask for official document from a Structural Engineer (certified P.E.) before passing this fix suggested here ?

for the web stiffener install i will have the open the wall and roof on the side of the duct(kitchen side) and i will take some more pictures and draw and ortho diagram for your comments.

nealtw 08-23-2012 08:12 PM

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This picture shows what your inspector is expecting to see, the hangers will want to be special hangers designed to work with your joists. He may accept less depending on the load above and he may not like supporting it on the wall under it if they are not barring walls. Draw a couple pictures of what you would like to do and go talk to him.

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