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VTXnME 11-16-2009 01:58 AM

Exterior wall's and adding a second floor
Hi all,

New guy here with a (probably) dumb question.

I have researched the forums for an answer, but I can't seem to find an appropriate answer, so here goes. . .

I have a ranch styled home that I am trying to add some space to. We (me and my lady) really like the location of our home, as well as the property itself. We are contemplating directions to go as far as adding space to our current layout (we have just shy of 1,100 sq ft).

The exterior walls are 2x4 construction, which surprised me, I thought they would have/should have been 2x6. So the questionsWill 2x4 exterior walls support a second floor? Or is this NOT a viable option for us?

We both fully understand there are permits/plans/and other things that will have to take place prior to any construction, at this point we're just trying to figure out our options. We don't have an overly huge lot (about half an acre) so just expanding the footprint of the house isn't a real viable option. Hopefully I've been clear enough.

Thanks in advance for the help, sorry for being so long winded!

GBR 11-16-2009 07:21 PM

Only your local building department knows.

Be safe, Gary

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