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xmai77 10-03-2012 11:37 AM

Finishing garage...a couple of questions
I live in a fairly standard townhouse with an attached garage (no rooms above it, the garage sticks out but shares one wall with the house). It's a small single car garage. I'd like to insulate it and hang some drywall. I'd also like to hang a climbing rope from the ceiling!

My question is, are my 2"x4" joists strong enough? I think I've got a truss system and from my research it seems these aren't designed for large loads. I've got some photos of the unfinished garage with the truss':

What if I ran a length of 2x4 perpendicular across 4 joists and then hung the rope from that 2x4 piece?

Another question, should I bother with an attic hatch? I feel like the answer will be "yes" but it doesn't look to me like these joists would support the weight of someone standing on them, so would it be useful to have access to the crawl space?

Thanks for your help!

nealtw 10-03-2012 05:45 PM

They will support someone walking in the attic and you should have an hatch. speading the load for your rope will be fine. Do you know what you need to do for venting the attic? And welcome to the site.;)

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