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jdr120 05-12-2009 12:18 PM

Fix Water buildup in window well
I searched this (and many other) forums, and have cannot find the right answer. So here it goes (yes it's a common one)!

I have a window well that sits 18" below the grade, at the base of the well, there is a 4" drainage pipe (black, perforated). In the basement, I have a sub pump, where there is another 4" pipe that comes in from the outside (I'm assuming that there is a weeping tile around that drains to this)

The well builds up with water, and slowly leaks through where the sill sits on the foundation. I don't want to be cheap and just caulk the sill.. Can I just run a sewer snake through the drainage pipe to unclog the drain? (assuming there is a clog) or run the snake from into the drain from the sub pump.

Are there any other suggestions?

GBR 05-12-2009 03:34 PM

If the snake is able to back out without hanging up. Terra cotta drain tile, PVC, or corrugated plastic?

Good articles: Drainage pipe, drain tile, and fittings for a French drain installation

And: Foundation Drainage

Be safe, G

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