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aaarg 12-12-2013 09:16 PM

floor sagging at exterior walls
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We just bought a house built in the early 50s. The exterior CMU walls sit on concrete foundation walls and the house is over crawl space. The floor joists are supported by intermediate wooden posts over concrete piers and presumably at the perimeter by the foundation wall (though I'm not sure exactly what the connection detail is there). After purchasing this house, I noticed that in one of the rooms, the finished floor is separating a little from the base board at the exterior wall (And a little from the interior walls as well). When I look at the slit between the floor and the baseboard, I can actually get a peak at the green grass beyond through the vent hole in the crawl space. The inspector did not get us any pictures of the perimeter condition from the crawl space (not sure how accessible it is because he said space underneath is pretty tight). I can't imagine why the floors would be separating from the walls when presumably they are both supported (whether directly or indirectly) by the perimeter foundation wall, unless the joist connection to the foundation wall is sagging. Is anyone familiar enough with construction from this period to advise?

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