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jgambie 06-02-2008 04:58 PM

Foundation and Framing

I am very new to DIY and was hoping to find some answers. :confused: I want to buy this cute little bungalow on the river (which will eventually be my get-away), however, it floods at least once a year !!! :eek: With that being said, it only floods about a foot into the home. I figured if I were to get it at a great price (which is now) I could have it raised 2-3 feet which would save it on almost all occasions. It is 1,224 sq ft. It is on a block foundation - not really usable. It has a door int the back of the home under the deck, dirt floor but all open to the upper flooring. The entire back and 1/2 the sides of the home is exposed (the block foundation) while the front isn't. I am NOT thinking of doing this myself but I wanted to know what goes into doing this and most importantly how much will it cost. What type of questions do I ask the contractor and what other risks are involved? I would like to do this first before I would start to update and re-do the inside.

hondadrv24 06-02-2008 05:53 PM

hmmm, sounds like you would have to have a professional house moving company come in and lift the house up off of the existing foundation for you. then if it were me I would have the new foundation made with poured concrete and possibly moved up the bank if possible. This is a doable project, however I see it being costly as you would have to hire the house jackers, the concrete foundation people, and a pumper truck to get the concrete out of the truck and into the foundation with out the weight of the trucks being anywhere near the house.
for me it would have to be a sweet sweet deal on the property, or I would have to have a bunch of money I could sink into a project like this.

triple D 06-02-2008 11:59 PM

Ballpark opinion...
If the flooding was standing water and not raging, undermining currents, then it is very possible. However 1,000+sq. ft. is hardly a bungalow, your talking about raising a house. You should have a couple of pros come out real quick and see. Should be in the neighborhood of 25-35k....I would have a sump pump installed in crawl to speed up drying after floods, and raise it above 100yr. mark. You should be able to get a few estimates before offering on house. Good luck.....

inspectorD 06-03-2008 05:47 AM

I would also contact my insurance company to ask some questions. Ther are homes in flood plains they will no longer insure. Or if they do , it's in the thousands. Just check first before you wast any money on home inspections, engineerand and contractors.

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