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moosefire66 11-08-2011 04:50 PM

Foundation need replacing?
I am looking to purchase a house here in Michigan, and I have some concerns about the foundation...

First off, to possibly avoid other questions that i cant answer, I just happened to stop by the house to take a look at it, and didnt actually see the basement from the inside, but once you see the pictures, you'll understand my concerns....

The house itself was built in 1900, as far as the records show anyways, and the foundation (it does have a basement) seems to be made mostly of rocks and stones, not blocks/bricks or cement.

Is there certain things I should look for when I go to inspect the inside of the home? Is there a way, if the basement walls are in need of replacing, could, infact, the walls be replaced, without causing harm to the house?? I dont know if it could be jacked up and possibly fixed, or whatnot.

Any insight would be helpful. Here is a link to my photobucket account, which has the pictures of the house...

Michigan House pictures by moosefire66 - Photobucket

joecaption 11-09-2011 08:41 AM

I hope your buying this house for a song.
There's nohing wrong with a stone foundation, except they all leak and there's never enough ventalation so fungus can set in on the floor joist and in most cases the basment is unusable from all the misture.
There's also far more chances for termites to get in from all the cracks in the morter.
Any house can have a new foundation built but it will cost at least $30,000 to do it. It will need to be lifted, about $15,000. pits dug so equipment can get in under the house and around it. Hauling away the old materials, poring new footing then all the block needed, waterproofing, back filling new water and sewer lines.
Most often it's far cheaper to repair what you have and parge, and water proof the outside when your installing a french drain.
That old slab stoop needs to come out, what your going to find behind it is rotted siding, and most likly a rotted rim beam holding up the house from all the water that's been getting in there for years.
I also see where someone messed up installing the soffits and trim and left hols so some tryed spraying in foam to stop the hornets from getting in.
Foam will stick and stain that materials so it needs to come down and be redone right this time.
That access door needed a window well in front of it filled with stone so the water does not just run inside.

moosefire66 11-09-2011 03:45 PM

ummm.... I think I'll just not buy the house.... That seems like way too much bullcrap to go through, not to mention expensive as all crap to do. Theres other houses that i am looking at as well, so i will just focus on them, instead of that one....

Thanks for the heads up, and all the information. I appreciate it

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