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mgibbs21 01-21-2012 12:47 PM

foundation question??
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i recently inherited an older house and in the kitchen i noticed the floor sagged. quite a bit too. its about a 3- 3 1/2" difference. now when i went into the crawl space to find the cause i discover that at some point in time there was a small addition added onto the kitchen (3 1/2' x 12'). now when this addition was put on they removed about 1 1/2' worth of stone from the stone foundation to run piping and this is where the sag all runs too. now they did add a new cement block foundation on the addition but right where the rocks are missing in the old foundation and where the new and old floors come together it sags.. i was thinking to fix the problem i would dig 3 or 4 4' holes and make footers with sonotubes about 1' in from the the old girder. jack up the floor to level and then install a new 4 x 6 or 6 x 6 girder with 4 x 6 posts going from the girder to the new footings. my question i guess is would this be sufficient or would i have to replace the old foundation? its a tight crawl space. its about 18 inches from the floor joist to the ground. this is a rough drawing i did on paint just to give an idea of what I'm talking about.(not to scale)

mgibbs21 01-21-2012 01:58 PM

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ok i was mistaken on the first post on one thing, the hole in the foundation wall is about 3' long. at the bottom of the 4' hole i was going to dig i was going to pour a 1' x 1' x 2' deep slab then the sonotube on top of that. Id be able to fill it but it wouldnt be easy. i do like the ganged up 2 x 6' idea. there is no supporting wall above it anymore, they removed it when they did the add on. the roof rafters do go to the newer outside wall. the floor has a very noticeable sag and it hits its lowest point right above the hole in the foundation

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