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daleslad 07-06-2009 07:57 PM

framing bid jargon
Need some expert help here mates, a friend got this bid for his workshop and wanted me to decipher it for him so that he could decide what he was getting was what he wanted from the contractor.

Framing to sheeting
Slab on grade daylight
6/12-pitch truss roof
12 plate heights
Square garage wrap
Plumb cut tails
2X4 sub-fascia with 4/4X6
Exterior soffit backing
Strip wrap and set 4 exterior windows and 2- 3/0door


GBR 07-07-2009 06:37 PM

Framing to sheeting---doing the framing(building) sheeting(sheathing) needs to specify roof and wall
Slab on grade daylight---Just a slab-no footings below frost grade, on existing grade, he won't dig or level it. Daylight usually is open on one side(back) rest is buried in hillside with concrete walls. Wrong application here.
6/12-pitch truss roof---Means 6/12 cut or rises 6" in 12" horizontally
12’ plate heights--- Studs and plates = 12' total
Square garage wrap--- in top corner detail as opposed to 45* corners, wrap is the trim-jambs and head boards
Plumb cut tails--- end of rafters past building are cut vertically.
2X4 sub-fascia with 4/4X6---2x4 nailed to rafter tails before trim, 4/4x6 may be look-outs to hold up barge rafter
Exterior soffit backing--- only installs the backing member horizontally at the building for a closed soffit
Strip wrap and set 4 exterior windows and 2- 3/0door---installing and weatherproofing the windows and doors but no drip flashing

You get to finish everything he doesn't mention, a lot! The roofing, vents, barges, rake trim on roof, closed soffit finish material, vents, window trim, finished siding, blocking for same, flashing, footings- required by code in CA, flashing over windows and doors. He is doing about 1/2, make sure to get a permit as his quote is very lacking in detail. Get 2 other estimates which will be a lot higher as he is leaving a lot out and only sitting on a slab. Be safe, G

daleslad 07-07-2009 06:49 PM

Thanks GBR, that helped a lot. I will pass on the advice about checking out the rest of the stuff that should be covered.

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