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Babs 07-15-2013 01:30 AM

garage floor/porch/driveway cracks
Hello. In the last few months we have spent about $30, 000 on new exterior siding and other small renovations around our home. All is complete and it looks beautiful. Our home was built in 1996 and we bought new, have been here 17 years now. Our home is on a dead end street/culdesac. Some older homes some newer. We have just recently noticed large cracks developing in our driveway, stairs on our porch as well as our garage floor. This all seems to be new. We can't find any water penatration and it hasn't rained her in almost a month. Our street slopes downward at the end so nieghboring homes sit a little below ours. Next door to us the home was purchased last year and they are renovating big time.
From what I was told that nieghboring lot had a lot of fill brought prior to home being built. Inthe last 2 months the owner has had huge concrete trucks here. At first they had refused to go on his driveway until he signed a release. Big concrete trucks with extention arms to pour new addition foundation for this owner.
The home on the other side of him is much older, sits down the hill a bit and is still on septic unlike the newer homes. This niehbor is now having spetic and drainfield issues???
So I don't know wgy we have all of these new cracks. I am wondering if it could have been from all the wieght of the cement trucks or what else could it be????
Thank you!

Chris 07-15-2013 07:42 AM

If the cement trucks were on your driveway than that could cause cracks, we usually pump concrete instead of driving over an approach or drive. Concrete trucks on your neighbors driveway would have no affect on your driveway. Have you had a lot of cold then heat in your area this year? or some hard freezes?

BridgeMan 07-21-2013 03:02 PM

What is your definition of "large cracks"? Are they more than an inch wide? Do you have any pictures to let us see what you're seeing?

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