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lslapshot 07-09-2012 09:14 PM

Header over basement window
Ok so heres another issue I found. I built a header for the main floor windows since I intend to go up one level on the house. Little did I know that half of the header is sitting right above the basement window. What solutions do I have?

1. take out the basement window and replace with block (its a driveway side window and hardly ever gets sun)

2. make a new header to extend beyond the window and just use trimmer studs to secure the window? If I do this, is there a chart showing how long of a span I can go with 2x8? I can go to a 2x10 but there will be a 1" gap between the window and header.

Hoping for some good advice! Thanks again for all your input guys!

nealtw 07-09-2012 09:44 PM

We never see 2x8 headers so maybe others can help you with that. Widening the header upstairs may be the easyest. Without any extra loading from above like a beam or a gurder truss you should be good. If your header is five feet or longer use two studs under each end. Just use a 1x to fill the gap. If your new jack studs don't land directly over a floor joist add a crush block between the top of the wall down stairs and the bottom of the floor boards

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