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Carmine 02-26-2007 12:47 PM

Insulating the Attic
Hi all.

Not sure where this post would fit best, so I placed it in framing and foundation. In the province I live in Canada, our provincial hydro company offers a rebate for increasing your insulation in your house (I'm am focusing on attic first) up to R50. I have determined that my existing is abut R20.

What recommendations would you have for topping it up to R50 - Bat Insulation, blown, etc??

I am going to do the work myself if that helps.


Hube 02-26-2007 02:55 PM

The cellulose insul is the best (imo)

And you can have it blown in at almost around the same cost as it would be for you doing all the work. I also live in Canada, Central Ont.), and was going to do my own on the house I built, but phoned around and found it was'nt worth it, as the total price blown in was only $ 50. more than what it cost me for my insulation. Check some insul blowing firms out for cost.
The next best is FG Batts if your going to diy, laid over across the existing insulation.
Make sure your soffits, and high(ridge) vent openings are kept OPEN and not blocked by the additional insulation
good luck.

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