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Boanerges 10-12-2010 11:41 AM

joist lift and or bowed
Thanks to those that responded to underlayment question. Confirmation is always good. Now, next situation. This is a pier/beam, 12” floor joist 16” center. I have a floor lift of about 3/16” in the floor sheeting in just one area, visible and can feel the rise when walking on it. It is like a hump. Under the house, they doubled the joist on 2 primary joist for added support for entry on one side. Why I don’t know. (That is another support problem for another day). Both secondary joist end about 18” past the center lateral support beam ”. These are not tie to the primary joist. The short ends have bowed up, lifting the floor. There is a noticeable gap between the primary joist and the sub floor. That confirms the problem. I was thinking I can bolt or nail the joist together to eliminate any future lift. Then cut the short ends back past the bow or lift. I still will have about 6”s extending past the center support beam. With a lot of perseverance and patients I can use a recip saw to cut the ends partially through and chisel what is left.
Any do’s or don’t are welcomed or other suggestions. Thanks.

handyguys 10-12-2010 12:13 PM

Can you post a picture of this? I'm having a hard time picturing the issue.

Boanerges 10-13-2010 07:54 AM

Sorry, dont have digital, that would be great. see what I can do. If you can picture two toothpicks held together, one end shorter than the other, the short one has a curve on the end. The curved end is pushing up the floor sheeting causing a raise in the floor. Hope this helps.

handyguys 10-13-2010 08:22 AM

Like this?

I would want to know why the short joist doesn't run to the end. It was probably sistered to the longer one to correct some other problem but it shouldn't be short.

You have a few options
I would look into seeing if its possible to replace the bowed joist with one that is the correct length. The process is beyond what I can safely describe here given what we know.

given that, I would say, yes it should be possible to cut the high spot off of the shorter joist. I cant see it so I cant be 100% certain. If in doubt have a professional come look and give you advice (for a fee).

To cut the high tip you would need to take weight off of it. This can be done with some temporary shims, perhaps even only one. Sort of like an old wooden door stopper. Tap that in place then take a saw and cut the high spot off even with the joist its attached to. Then tap out the shim. The subfloor will either drop onto the joist or it may just stay where it is and settle down over time. Use some screws from above to tighten the floor to the joist and tap down any nails that are not flush.

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