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mcgehee 01-24-2007 09:21 PM

Leveling floors
I just purchased a home built in the 1930's on the soft soil of Louisiana. Pier and beam foundation with plaster walls and hardwood floors throughout. The floor where it meets the wall in the kitchen is sagging about one inch below the base boards and the same on the opposite side of the wall as well. We are renovating the kitchen and putting new slate counter tops and cabinets along that wall. I would like to close that gap myself rather than pay some one to do it. Am I crazy to try if I have no experience? If not I would love some suggestions as to how to proceed, or a resource that could teach me what I need to do. My initial thought was to go rent some jacks and shim it up a bit.

inspectorD 01-25-2007 05:48 PM

My first reaction would be to figure out why there is a one inch gap.
Do you have decayed or rotten sills? Termites or ants?
Or is it just settlement...I would find out before I put any money into something which may have to be removed to repair issues found later.
Sometimes you get in there to jack something up only to find there is nothing there to jack.:eek:

Good luck with your project...I love new kitchens.

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