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Larry M 04-23-2009 09:13 AM

It became necessary to cut my basement girder to allow for the support of an I beam in the ceiling of the first floor. Unfortunately, the carpenter set the lally column on the left side of the cut approx. 3/4 short. After about 6 months the rafter in the area in question went down approx. 3/4 inch, and began to buckle, resulting in the crown molding in my kitchen pulling away from the ceiling 3/4 inch.. I have since re enforced the rafter in the basement by bolting two additional 2x10, 1/2" bolts 10" on center, to the rafter in question, spanning from the girder to the plate on the foundation wall. Now I need to raise the girder, which is made up of three 2x10, approx. 3/4 inch. How do I raise this girder, "HELP" Is there some type of hydraulic jack available to lift this section. I need to go up 3/4 inch and then install a 3/4 steel plate approx. 4x4 on top of the lally column

inspectorD 04-23-2009 02:50 PM

20 ton jack, available for rent ussually. I use a 6x6 and a steel plate on the bottle jack so it does not compress into the wood.
Lots of things are going to go snap, crackle and bang....make sure someone is with you.
I would get the carpenter back if you are not to sure what you are doing.
Make sure the column you are fixing is sitting on a new footing if it was moved over. The column could also be sinking, and adding a plate will not do much.
Simpson Strong-Tie - Helping to Build Stronger, Safer Structures has plenty of good column retrofit products available also.
Be safe.:)

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