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centaurette 05-02-2012 10:52 AM

Main support beam question
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We recently got our basement waterproofed. Now, we are getting ready to make plans to build a couple rooms with the support beam as the dividing line between the 2 rooms. My dilemma is this:

When we decide to build walls, what can/should I do with the wires that run perpendicular under the main support beam? To get electric to the other side of the basement, some wires were run from the service panel, along a floor joist, across the underside of the support beam and then off in different directions from there. Should we just leave the wall that much shorter and use shims? Box out around the area? With the water drain and other various reasons, we will probably put in a suspension ceiling...if that helps any.

I've read conflicting answers as to drilling a hole through or notching the beam.


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