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Bob R 07-23-2007 02:07 PM

My Screened in porch the walls
I have a 12 x 17 screened in porch on a concrete slab. The house was built in 78 or so (I've had it since 89')and two things occurred:

1. They didnt use pressure treated wood for the bottom board on the walls. Yup, I have dry rot.

2. They built a free standing open deck right on top of it, within a few inches of the roof shingles. Yup the roof leaks.

Ill tackle the walls first. The deck is a three sided affair with the roof lagged into the house to form the fourth wall. Im thinking that the outside porch wall is load bearing and the two ends are not based on the rafters.

Id like to replace about 8 foot of the bottom board at a time and kind of work my way around. My question is:

Should I start at the outside, load bearing wall? Will some inexpensive lolly columns and a 2 ton jack do the trick?

Thanks for your help,


Square Eye 07-24-2007 06:53 PM


don't raise it up too high. just enough to do what you need to do. This will reduce the impact on all of the other connected members including what's left of the roof.

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