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bayoudonnie 09-23-2006 06:49 AM

New construction porch question
I started framing a new home this week. I'm not new to this trade, but I have missed the field experience needed for framing the porches. I understand supporting the front porch header, my question is how do the side headers (beams) attach to the house framing? My corner studs for the house consists of two 2 X 4 X 10 pre-cut studs with blocking in between. Do I cut out the outside stud of the house corner to accept one 2 by header and then sister the second 2 by to that? Do I install the beams on top of the double plate and have a higher porch ceiling? What would you do? The home will have a gable roof and the porch will have a shed roof and extends the whole width of the home if this helps. Opinions would be appreciated.

inspectorD 09-23-2006 07:00 AM

You got it...
I will attach the beam to the existing wall framing, your 10 foot 2x4s.You only need to sit into the wall an inch and a half.
This is really not considered a weight carrying beam unless it is a hip roof with rafters.
I have also used a joist hanger nailed to the wall because it gets covered.Make sure it is for exterior use.
Or you go with the post at the end of the house and tie your railings into it.
I'm sure you get the general idea, your on the right track.

I love front porches....they should be on every home.:D

bayoudonnie 09-23-2006 07:09 AM

Thanks InspectorD

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