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cantsell 04-19-2009 08:52 PM

No foundation
I have an old house, nearly 100 yrs, with a foundation, combination concrete block, wood, and support posts throughout the floor area- all very solid and dry. The crawl space is dry sand. I have recently replaced rotten wood under one outer wall with solid posts on concrete slabs. The strength for this wall has come frome two sections I bumped out some years ago. I have made sure that water run-off will not affect any other wooden areas. Ground drainage in this area is fabulous. Construction includes a very large log as a horizontal beam. I have lived here 30 yrs and nothing has ever moved. I am trying to sell and prospective buyers are scared off by the crawl space appearance. Any thoughts on how durable this house is in the forseeable future?

handyguys 05-15-2009 10:06 AM

Cant comment on how durable the house is. That will require a professional inspection. Sometimes, if you have any uncertainties, it may be wise to hire your own home inspector to provide you a detailed report. This way you are less likely to have any surprises when a prospective buyer hires their inspector. Your house may be just fine or it may be a disaster. It IS 100 years old.

Two things I have done that you may find useful
I interviewd the head of ASHI here
Episode #32 - America’s top Home Inspector
I have also created an annual DIY home inspection checklist here
Episode #57 - Springtime House Inspection

Do your own walk through with the checklist. You may find some things that can easily be remedied. Then hire a home inspector.

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