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Asparklinglady 07-25-2007 05:36 PM

Power Line Water Problem
My husband and I have discovered we have water leaking into our basement from the main power line the runs into our house :eek: . Is there an easy way to fix this? I've read some information on line about Drip Loops and Weather Heads, what are these and how easy are these to install? :confused:

Square Eye 07-26-2007 05:20 PM

There's not much we can recommend without seeing what you have.
Is this power line entering the house after the meter or before?
Does it run directly into a breaker panel?
Is it enclosed in conduit or exposed where and after it enters the home?
Outside the home, does the power line run underground to a tranformer box, up to a meter or an overhead connection?
There are too many variables for us to guess why it's leaking.

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