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JiminyCrickets 02-23-2012 08:47 AM

Question about Jacking/Lifting House
I have an old house, around 110 years old here in MI I just bought. The house is sagging on one side a bit. The house stands on really old cedar posts that seem to have sunk in the ground and rotted out in some spots. I seen someone has done make shift pier repairs here and there but have done a really crappy job, lol.

I am slowly digging and poring footings and making cinder block piers, like this one:
(not my pic) on the inner parts of the crawlspace and I plan on spanning the floor joists with 6"x4" treated beams setting on top of the cinder block piers that I'm making.

My question is, if I put jacks under a beam spanning the floor joists and start lifting, will it lift the outer walls of the house too? I am hoping it will because the outer wall does have to come up as well.

Under the outer walls, I do plan on digging 42", poring footings and putting new treated posts for the house to stand on as well.

I look forward too all replies, thanks guys. :)

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