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Jungle 10-08-2013 01:36 PM

Raise high the roof beam
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There is couple of the beam that are separating. I guess i should try to repair, i think their is a bit of hardware, a piece of metal with two loops on the the end that tights two threads inward. Do you think i should attempt it? I was planning on putting small blocks up there any ways to secure each roof beam.

nealtw 10-08-2013 07:55 PM

A few things you can check to see if this is a problem. Measure the width of the house, from exterior wall to exterior wall at each end and right under these rafters. Check the length of the rafters to see if these were just cut to short. Climb up at one end and try to eye across the bottom of the rafters and see if they are on the same plane.

Jungle 10-09-2013 12:58 PM

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What happen is that sill plate got wet and rotten a bit , so i guess it depressed down. It also looks like the front wall is pushing out, i think it is okay since it is stack wall and fairly solid. I guess there is no simple way to fix it. I will just secure it with a few blocks, should be okay.

bud16415 10-09-2013 01:14 PM

One of your posts I thought I saw collar ties. Maybe one is peaking in on the photo above. Do they look like they were added after the rafters came apart by the last owner?

Hard to tell from the photo but it looks like your rafters are undersized and far apart for the roof load and pitch.

If my wall was pushing out I would be concerned.

Jungle 10-10-2013 10:42 AM

It's not really that noticeable, at least not from the outside. I built a internal wall frame last year for the insulation and that holds up the rafters as well. When the wall was open there was no noticeable tilt or cracking. I am only connecting the dots now.
What needs to be done is the cord wood blocks banged inward to straighten the wall a bit., the time to do that would be when the siding gets replaced from the outside... one day. I don't think it is going anywhere right now, it is 10' thick so there is so room for tilting. Once the roof truss are jimmied up it should be quiet strong, like a tight cap.

nealtw 10-10-2013 06:37 PM

I didn't think this was a problem. I just wanted you to make the measurements to prove it for your self. Ceiling joist running from side wall to side wall hold the walls in line. when that fails the roof will start to look sway back from the out side as the weight will push on the walls outward but when that happens the joint betweeen the 2 rafters at the peak is still touching at the top and begins to open at the bottom of the joint. What it looks like to me is the the rafters were a little short when installed which would have been in a little low, then they nailed the sheeting board on top. Just nailing the boards down tight would pull the joint apart. It will be interesting to see what it does with a snow load on it. I would not try to straighten the walls, they may have been built a little wacked which would have caused all of this.

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