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Rincon 06-06-2008 11:00 AM

Removing Flue!
I don't want to remove the entire flue just the part jutting out fro mthe wall and then seal it somehow.
Prior to hanging drywall in my basement I need to remove an old unused woodstove chimney flue. I was hoping that by the time I furred out my walls that it wouldn't stick out past my studs, however it does so I need to do something. The peice jutting out looks like the stuff plant pots are made of. Orange clay material. About 8" round flarred out to 9" or 10". I was thinking about knocking it out and filling in the hole in the concrete block with another peice of block and mudding it in, but wouldn't this mean there is another hole on the other side of the concrete block wall (exterior side)? On the exterior their is a bricked chimney that goes up the side of the house, and is why I question there being another hole on the exterior side of the block. I also thought that it might work if I somehow could cut/sand the peice jutting out so that it doesn't stick out past the studs. Then just seal around the old clay flue and the block wall. Guess I would need to seal the hole in the flue to. This method seems simplest, but not sure if it is the best. My effort is to not only remove the flue but seal off any holes in the walls to prevent moisture/water getting in. Not that is does now, but would like to eliminate the problem now rather than take the chance down the road. Guess I should think about sealing the top of the chimney also HUH? Since it will be rendered useless I see no need for leaving it open to invite unwanted guests making a home in it.
I don't know what it looks like inside the block wall yet because I didn't want to do anything without checking.

glennjanie 06-06-2008 05:48 PM

Hello Rincon:
The tile protruding into the basement could be cut off smoothly with a side grinder and a concrete blade. (Having a helper with a spray bottle sure helps with the dust!)
Yes, a piece of concrete block cememted in would be just fine. You may want to take a 16d nail and make a small trench around the cement where it contacts the tile and fill it with silicone caulk.
As far as the outside of your basement wall, I think you will find a tee in the chimney going straight through to an outdoor clean-out plug and the branch going up the chimney. You could cover it with half of a 1' thick concrete block and use the other half for the inside patch. It is improtant to close the top to keep out squirells, birds and rain.

Rincon 06-12-2008 01:15 PM

Thanks glennjanie. Will do just that.

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