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nealtw 03-05-2014 08:29 PM

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Welcome to the site. It is always better to drain and waterproof from the outside but sometimes you have no choice. It looks like you have done your homework.
Usually when a block wall is leaking you will see moisture on the inside to the level that the water has filled the block. You maybe fighting a high water table but the fix is about the same.
Where the footing should be and what you find maybe a little different. The footing should be deep enough to sit on solid soil and the bottom of it should be at the frost level for your area. If your area has a 48" frost depth the bottom should be at 48" below the ground level outside or just below the slab or deeper depending on soil conditions. If you have a deep basement in the front and walk out in the back the footing level should step down to give frost protection at the back.
Your best bet would be to lay the pipe along side the foundation or footing and run dimpled waterproofing plastic down the wall, bent at the bottom to cover the pipe, then you won't need pipes.
I (believe ) 3/4" holes are the standard, but you could find that they are full of concrete and holes will not help.

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