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djsfw 09-04-2009 04:50 PM

serious issues with foundation
I just moved into a home that I am renting. I noticed the day I signed the lease that some of the doors do not close at all. They will partially close, but no full closure is possible. The floors on the north end of the house are sagging worse than I have ever seen in a home. The house was built in 1957 and sits on a sloping lot. The south end of the home is level, but the entire north end of the home feels like a fun house at an amusement park. I talked to the homeowner about this and she said that she had a company install piers a few years ago and that she wasn't aware the house had started to sink again. (It has been vacant for around a year.) She had the company come back this week to repair the home. They spent 4 days working, drilling 3 huge holes through the front porch in order to access the foundation and do the work.

Here is the problem: I can tell the living room is better, but the doors from the living room to the hallway still don't close. The living room window closes/opens better, but the rest of that end of the house shows no improvement at all. Floors still sag to one corner and doors still don't close. I am wondering if they just did a partial job and this poor woman (the homeowner) is being taken for a ride. I would think that if the problem were truly fixed, the entire house would be level and the floor sloping would be corrected, as well as the doors. Am I missing something here? Thanks guys!

glennjanie 09-04-2009 11:17 PM

Welcome Djsfw:
You are correct, there shouldn't be any problem with sags or doors and windows not working. Yes, you should report it to the homeowner. In order for them to have done any kind of professional work at all, they would have had to come inside and use a level, possibly a string here and there, and they should have checked the doors and windows for proper operation.

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