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iskellythere 09-23-2010 09:12 PM

Sinking Foundation
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I am the owner of a 100+ year old house in Minneapolis MN. I purchased the home in winter and it passed inspection without mention of the any sinking foundation. Unfortunately the house next door is so close the narrow space between to two was filled with a few feet of snow.

I have been here 2 years and just this summer noticed the roof line drooping on one side of the house.

The foundation is visibly deteriorating on that side of the house so I suspect that is the culprit of my sloping roof.

Other theory is that it is from a massive ice dam that accumulated last winter and weighed down the roof damaging the structure. I have no access to the attic space as this was an addition to my home.

I've been told the repair method would be to jack up the house on that side to repair the deteriorating. I have no idea how intensive this process is or what the costs. Or even if this is the only way to fix this.

So I guess the question is what is the most inexpensive way for me to take care of this issue. Or something I can do in the mean time to prevent it from getting worse while I try and find a way to pay for it. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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