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elementx440 02-02-2007 08:59 PM

SIP construction any good?
Anyone know if the SIP technology is any good? I'm looking to possibly build a small started home, got .75 acre of land, and want to build maybe 1200 square feet. I got a brother in law who is in the trade, and I will use him as my general contractor. I haven't asked him about SIPs yet, just wanted to get some input. has been calling me everyday somehoe I got on their s*it list, i mean, calling list...

for those who haven't heard of it...

glennjanie 02-03-2007 06:16 PM

Hello Elementx:
Yes, I have heard of SIPs and related components and I think they are great!
Just remember, when you get the house "dried-in" you only have 30% of the job done; I would want to watch them on the pricing.
There are roof panels made the same way, thus eliminating the need for trusses. Of course, all ceilings are vaulted then. I have seen one built on the Learning Channel or one of the Discovery channels and it looked good to me. They have many advantages, both to you and to the environment.
In the early 60s there were "pre-stressed panels" which were the same basic system only they were framed with 2 X 4s and had plywood on both sides. They were strong enough to use as floor panels as well as wall and roof panels.
I would recommend keeping a lot of PL400 adhesive on hand and glue everything, including tounge and groove joints. A house built like that would be equivalent to a unibody car; different but stronger.

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