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Gemini 05-05-2009 07:56 PM

subfloor damage/jackhammer needed??
I am selling my house (built in 1944) in South Carolina - after only two days on the market we had a good offer. All was well until the termite inspection, which shows no active termites, but "inactive termite damage to needed." "inactive water damage to substructure at HVAC...repairs needed." "Water damage to foundation sill and subfloor....repairs needed." "water damage to subfloor and floor joist at hall bath tub step-out...repairs needed."
We had thought the we could fix some things and maybe leave the rest for the buyer - but it seems that the lender's mortgage company will not make the loan unless we have a "clear" report - meaning all repairs done I guess. (Realtors being very vague here). We had a guy come out and say that the hall bath repair would involve not only going under the house but also coming down from on top, ripping up the tile, jackhammering the apparent small concrete slab there, etc.... this sounds like way too much damage-inducing "repair." Comments?

GBR 05-06-2009 08:39 PM

Ask the person who wrote it to expand in detail. Be safe, G

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