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mmccord 06-17-2009 10:56 AM

Water leaking over foundation
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Hello All:

I have a problem with water topping my foundation and causing rivers of water to run through the basement. The source of the problem is several-fold. First, I have kids. They're ALWAYS getting balls stuck in the gutter. If I miss one and we have rain, the gutter overflows and dumps water right on our back pad. Second, the poured concrete pad has dropped slightly and pulled away from the house by about 1/2 inch. Even though the pad is still sloped away from the house, if we get heavy enough rainfall and/or the gutter overflows, copious amounts of water run into the basement right at this spot. I've tried caulking the gap, but that seems to not work very well. I wanted to check with the concrete experts here to see if my proposed solution will work.

First, the obvious. I'm putting in downspout strainer so the kids can't get balls stuck up there. Like the ones found at Lowes.

The second fix is more complex. I'm going to put in a 2 inch high concrete "curb" against the house to more aggressive push water away from the foundation. That way, even if we have heavy rains that cause standing water on the pad, it shouldn't top that curb.

I've attached before and after pictures to show what I have now v. what I plan on doing. Does anyone think this will work?


glennjanie 06-17-2009 08:58 PM

Welcome Mark:
The gap needs a run of caulking cord (a foam rod to fit tightly) then a layer of self-leveling caulk. The cord gives the caulk a backing and allows it to stay at the top of the gap to hold out the water.
The curb will be an over-kill that still won't stop the water, especially if you use the expansiosn joint with it.

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