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kolban 01-26-2012 10:22 AM

Advice on repairing rotted/leaking bathroom shower frame
I have written up a detailed description with pictures of my project to repair a rotted bathroom shower stall. The web page describing the story with pictures can be found here:

In summary, I am a very bad at household projects and my shower frame is leaking and rotted. A contractor wants to replace the whole thing for $700 but I think I can just clean and replace some parts ... and need guidance on how to approach this. If the advice to replace the whole frame is sound, I'd like to hear that too.


Daddytron 01-29-2012 04:32 PM

Installing a new shower stall is a very simple process, they are relatively inexpensive and usually come with easy to follow instructions. However, if you have had leakage, you may run into some structural damage behind the walls of the shower (probably just confined to the gypsum), the damage in your pictures appears to be just the caulking and you could just remove it and clean up with bleach or a mold remover, i wouldn't recommend using a chemical to remove the sealant, as this may damage the finish on the door and walls. If you do remove the shower and notice water damage to the walls under the shower, I would recommend replacing them with a cement backer board like 'Hardie Backer' or 'Wonderboard'. The 'Green" drywall that was common is not actually waterproof and will eventually absorb water as only the outer paper is waterproof.

Good Luck!

nealtw 01-29-2012 09:45 PM

It looks to me like you are only talking about the glass and the framework for that, I don't think they were giving bad advice or price.

joecaption 01-30-2012 09:53 PM

There never ever for any reason be any form of carpeting in a bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There will be mold and rot under that floor by now.

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