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CallMeVilla 12-29-2012 09:06 AM

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It's funny how language can fail . . . The way I hear you, you have capped the overflow pipe inside the wall. (See my modified pic below) This tells me your vent stack is NOT piped above the overflow pipe. One of the key principles in plumbing is "air behind water" which means drainage works best when there is free air feeding into the drain line at or near the source.

Your tub should have a p-trap that connects below the drain pipe. From there the drain will travel a bit but a vent stack (pipe) has to intersect within 36" to guarantee good srainage flow. Since you have the wall open, you should check.

The cap on the overflow should not impede your air flow as long as the vent stack is not above it as part of the overflow piping.

CallMeVilla 12-29-2012 03:01 PM

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Here is another pic of a typical tub, toilet and lav piping arrangement. It can help anyone who is plumbing a bathroom. Notice there is NOT overflow piping because this diagram features a shower floor setup. However, the physics of the drainage is identical for a tub or a shower.

Notice, also the p-trap and THEN the vent stack attachment. That setup would work fine for Dan-the-Man.

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