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sisyphus 08-23-2011 08:06 AM

changing shower fixtures
hello all, I have what appears to be gold plated shower fixtures which kinda looks very cheap because it is flaking off. it is a one handle control fixture with the diverter button just below the handle. I would like to change it so that the diverter is in the spout. I'm assuming all I would need to do is replace the present cartridge with the new one and attach the new fixtures. am I correct in assuming this, or is it more complicated than this? thanks:confused:

Redwood 08-23-2011 08:39 AM

Slightly more complicated than that...

You have 2 basic parts to your shower mixer...

There is the valve in the wall...

And the pretty trim outside the wall....

The valve inside the wall only accepts the use of cartridges, and trim that are specifically made for that brand and model of valve. So your choices of trim if available are limited. A cheap imported valve is probably a forget about it and going straight to replacement is advised.

If you could post a picture of the mixing valve with and without the trim we may be able to ID the brand and model.

Sounds like it might be a Delta or, Delta Knockoff....

Changing the Diverter to a spout type diverter may or, may not work as it depends on the design of the valve you have.

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