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New2HomeRepair 11-14-2013 07:54 PM

Clogged Double Kitchen Sinks-Gross! :-P
Ok, I posted on this site last week and received GREAT advice, so I'm rolling the dice again to see if anyone can help out with my clogged sinks issues.
I have two kitchen sinks, same size, side by side (not 2 separate sinks, but rather a "double" sink with 2 drains-1 on each side)
One side has a garbage disposal and the side has one of those X type drains (for the dishwasher, perhaps? I'm just guessing here) and
BOTH sides are clogged.
When I attempt to plunge one side is goes to the other side and vice verse.
It's NOT slow draining, all the gunky "water" is just sitting there, about an inch above the drain opening on both sides equally.
I tried plunging, doing the baking soda/vinegar routine, boiling water and lastly, took out all the pipes, cleaned them and reattached them
NOTHING has worked thus far.
Outside of calling the plumber, is there anything else, or am I stuck with shelling out $100+ for the plumber? (#:( )
I thought of getting one of those "auger"/"snake" things, but when I've tried using them in the past on a toilet that always gets clogged, it really didn't work and so I gave it away.
Anyone ever have any luck with those snakes things when using it on a double sided kitchen sink?
Thanks all !

nealtw 11-14-2013 08:22 PM

I think you are back to one of those "auger"/"snake" things, take the trap apart and do it from there.

CallMeVilla 11-14-2013 08:29 PM

You have a blockage in the drain line which might be in the p-trap or a bit farther downstream. You didn;t put potato peelings or pasta in the garbage disposal did you?

C'mon, tell the truth ...

Removing the p-trap is easy (make sure you have a bowl to catch the water. Get the gunk out of there and reassemble the plumbing. You might discover all is well.

Here is a good lesson video for you to study!

New2HomeRepair 11-15-2013 12:21 AM

Yeah, think I'm going to have to use one of those snake things.
As for what we throw down the drain...

Ok, I'll admit to pasta, the kids are always throwing their unfinished pasta down the drain (I don't ...but I NEED to, that way it wouldn't end up on my gut !)
We rarely eat potatoes, but I know you're not supposed to put potatoes down the drain, so I know it's not potatoes...
Are ALL potatoes bad for the drain or just potato SKINS?
That would be great to know with Thanksgiving coming up.
Honestly, I had NO idea that it was bad to put pasta down the drain.
I don't know what the "p drain" is, but I'm going to watch that video now. Thanks so much for the replies!

New2HomeRepair 11-15-2013 12:30 AM

Ok, I watched the video and I've already cleaned out all those pipes, including the "p trap" thing.
The pipes were REALLY clean compared to the pipes on the video. No blockage at all.
So where do I go from here, auger/snake it into the pipe that leads to/behind the wall?

Drywallinfo 11-15-2013 06:07 AM

Just a note about plunging this: When you plunge one side, you need to tightly stop up the other side drain. Also, if there is an overflow, that needs to be stopped up, but overflows are usually only on bathroom sinks. The pressure needs to be able to apply to the stoppage. If you have not done this yet, give it a try.

If this does not work, you may need to use a snake ($15 type from home store) after your p-trap.

CallMeVilla 11-15-2013 12:20 PM

I almost NEVER use the garbage disposal. Here is the list I gave to the "lady of the house" who seems to think anything and everything can go down the drain.

NEVER put these things in a garbage disposal:

Potatos in any form
Rice or Pasta
Stringy vegetables
Egg shells
Coffee grounds (no they do NOT help clean the disposal)
Grease, oil or fat

DRANO or acid-based cleaners (would you put acid on your cooking pans?)

As to your blocked line? Your drain should have a clean-out on the wall (inside or outside). Rent an electric snake (cheaper than a plumber) With a big wrench, remove the plug (be ready in case water flows out). Introduce the snake into the cleanout and run it downstream.

Usually, the line will clear after 10 feet or so. If not, your issue might be more serious than you suspected.

nealtw 11-15-2013 03:24 PM

Add corn husks to that list of don'ts.

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