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suobs 02-26-2013 06:44 PM

Compression fittings
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I have 2 places on exterior walls where I need to disconnect copper pipe then reconnect it after the siding-sheathing is replaced. Both are currently soldered. One is a supply line to my washer that comes up from the concrete house pad and makes a 90 degree bend through the wall about a foot up, soldered at the 90 bend. The other is a hose bib that's currently soldered to the copper pipe line. Photos attached.

I'm being told it will be very difficult for me to get good enough at soldering to reconnect either one properly with solder, plus both are right up against wood siding (the new siding will also be wood and the soldering would have to be done after the siding is on). I will have access inside the stud bay once the siding is removed.

What are my alternatives? Are compression fittings an option, and if not, why not?

woodchuck 02-26-2013 06:54 PM

soldering is not hard at all. If you can get the flame to the pipe and reach the joint with the solder it's easy. You can put a metal sheet behind to protect any wood till you're through.

nealtw 02-26-2013 07:20 PM

You might use sharkbites.

kok328 02-27-2013 10:23 AM

Sharkbites are an option but, remember that the pipe will rotate within a sharkbite unless it connects to a 90 somewhere in the opposite orientation (horizontal/vertical).

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