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chrislorenc 05-15-2011 06:07 PM

Corroded Bathtub Flange
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This is my first time on this site and I hope someone can assist me with some information...I've attached a picture of a corroded tub drain flange that is leaking (I'm assuming because of the severe corrosion and "pitting" around the edge this is the cause) into my first floor ceiling...If this is in fact causing the leaking, which literally dripped out of my smoke alarm today (ironic huh), then I'd like to attemp to repair it myself...I am an electrician by trade but have so I'm hoping it's something I can mechanically's a metal tub with a ceramic coating...should I drill out the drain so that there are two larger holes and the somehow get a pair of handles from pliers or channel locks in there and then try to turn the flange?...I tried to hit it with a screwdriver and tap it around as it was a locknut but it wouldn't budge...I don't want to ruin the biggest obstacle I guess is getting it off...then when I replace it do I use some putty and clear silicone to help seal it...if someone could assist me I'd greatly apprciate it...FYI- I'm renting and could bother my landlord with the repair but I told her I would try to take care of minor repairs throughout the house (hope this falls in the "minor" category!)...thank you for any advice or information in advance...Chris

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