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kkm 05-25-2012 09:19 PM

Crazy toilet assistance please!
A recently installed toilet is giving us fits. It has been removed twice and re-installed to no avail. It makes an odd whistling/wheezing/hard-to-describe sound when it is flushed. Then several days later, we noticed that the second toilet in the other bathroom has a "wave" when the first toilet is flushed. (They are back to back on either side of the same wall.) Then realized that the whistling toilet also has a wave when the second toilet is flushed. This seems bad, very bad. The installed toilet is the same as the other 2 toilets in the house, and we haven't had any trouble with them. Any ideas or suggestions would be great appreciated! Thank you!

joecaption 05-26-2012 07:18 AM

Over time the flush valves can fail or become plugged up with minerals.
It's a simple 10 min. fix to change one.
When they do plug up they can start to change sounds.

Just a guess, for there to be sound there needs to be vibration, if the incoming water line is vibrating because of a bad flush valve it may be just causing the water in the other bowl to also vibrate causing the wave.

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