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john4153 11-22-2010 10:36 AM

Dog Leg ABS Joint
A bunch of ABS joints in my house were leaking. The affected ones seem to be done with an incorrect adhesive/solvent weld. The defective joints have been replaced, leaving one final joint described below:

There is a vertical drain from the 2nd floor inside a wall that takes a 45°bend, then straight for 20", then 45°bend to join the top of a wye with a short piece of straight pipe. The wye is connected to the drain that exits through the basement floor. All of the drain piping is 3". Inserting the last 45°bend (underlined) is the problem. It can be done just barely and with lots of wiggling using sanded-out fittings for a dry fit.

My problem is that the ABS cement available locally (Oatey medium black) sets very quickly. Oatey makes an Extra Special Black that has less acetone in proportion to the MEK and less ABS. It is supposed to set more slowly, but it is not available in Cleveland to my knowledge. Some other brands (e.g., Harvey) show similar reduced amounts of acetone too. Problem is that with the decrease in use of ABS here, none of those other brands are available.

I have thought of the following options, please comment:

1) Add about 10% MEK to the regular Oatey to slow it down.
2) Cut the vertical waste pipe and use a repair coupling. This option will still have the problem of getting enough working time.
3) Don't insert the short piece of pipe the full 1-1/2" needed to bottom out in the hub. It would be a lot easier with only half of that amount of insertion depth.
4) Cut the vertical waste pipe and use a rubber coupling.

Thanks. John

inspectorD 11-22-2010 05:58 PM

I would go for the rubber coupling, makes it easier on repairs later, and easier to get the last piece together. And you can switch to PVC if you want to.:2cents:

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