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jojoma 10-09-2012 04:37 PM

Drip drip under kitchen sink!

I just noticed this drip under the kitchen sink. It drips every two seconds.

Any thoughts on what I can do? I am not very skilled. I had the water heater replaced about a month ago. I don't think that has anything to do with the drip issue, but the water heater is located right behind the wall in this picture. That's why I mentioned it.

Thanks a lot for any insight. I might just call the plumber who did my water heater. He was very good. But if it's something easy, maybe I'll take a stab.

oldognewtrick 10-09-2012 04:45 PM

I would say it's most probably the fitting from the flex hose to the copper behind the black drain hose. Least thats where I'd start.

kok328 10-09-2012 05:40 PM

If the copper pipe above the flex hose is dry then it is a leak at the connection between copper & flex.
Snug the connection. If that doesn't work, remove the connection and replace the rubber washer in the flex hose. If you can't find the correct washer then just shut the water off & replace the entire flex hose. $5 at most.

jojoma 10-09-2012 06:17 PM

Thanks! You are correct I believe. I fiddled with the connection area, and the water started gushing out. I shut off the cold water, took off the flex hose, and I'm going to replace it.

CallMeVilla 10-09-2012 06:45 PM

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The connection between the flex line and the copper fitting is faulty. (see my red arrow) Probably not tightened enough. A simple wrench tightening is all you need -- the flex line looks new enough to me!

Keep working at these things, you'll get better!

Wuzzat? 10-09-2012 07:48 PM

If the line just sloped downward you wouldn't know where the drop came from.
I put curves in flexible supply lines for just this reason.

I've never tried this, but to narrow down the options for where water is leaking in a supply line, you could wrap the line with electrical tape so to make a water proof 1/16" thk barrier and a drip edge with the last wrap of tape.
A drop on the drip edge will tell you that the source is upstream of the tape.

You can also try Teflon paste or Teflon tape to stop leaks for some fittings but you first have to understand what stops the water (compliant washers or soft metal) and what is there just to hold the assembly together.

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