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whitehart 12-11-2013 12:41 PM

Drip from hot water knob of tub faucet with diverter
Please help a newbie who doesn't know the jargon and can't find this particular problem addressed anywhere.
We have an old (mid-'70's) fiberglass tub/shower with a separate diverter knob. Water leaks out of the back of the hot water knob (not out through the faucet) when the water is turned on, either hot or cold, either faucet or shower.
What is causing this? Can I fix it?
--The faucet brand (Eljer) is unfortunately not manufactured anymore, so replacement parts have to be universal.
--The tub hasn't been used regularly for a long time because the diverter needed to be repaired. It functions reasonably well now, though there is some water that still comes out of the faucet when the shower is on.

If a relatively simple repair doesn't work, we have to chose an option.
1) Live with it. (Is this likely to cause other damage?)
2) Rip out the other side of the wall behind it (which has a sink and vanity) to replace the whole faucet/shower system.
3) Tear out the whole 1-piece shower/tub and replace it all. (However, it is 1/2 inch short of standard 5' width. Is that within allowances for a new tub?)
We honestly can't afford to spend much right now, so I'm hoping to repair or live with it, though getting rid of that avacado green monstrosity does sound good...

Thanks for any help.

inspectorD 12-11-2013 01:43 PM

So just check out this preacher's fix, and see if this is what you are talking about.
Hope this helps!

Boy does youtube help without trying to explain this one!!

whitehart 12-11-2013 02:37 PM

Thanks. Mine is a little different inside, but I'll try to figure it out.

inspectorD 12-11-2013 06:45 PM

They do have parts for your unit on ebay and some other sites. But if you take the assembly apart, it will be easier than a replacement upgrade.
The replacement upgrade does give you an anti-scald valve which is nice...and you get the oversized cover plate .
Now, if you run into trouble changing the parts, just put up a picture, and maybe someone else will have more advice.
The whole thing is actually pretty easy once you have done one.
Here is a link.

whitehart 12-12-2013 08:32 AM

Thanks for the help. We got the leak from the hot water knob fixed. The problem with the diverter is still worse than I thought.

This second video gives me some idea of what is involved to replace the assembly.I wouldn't be confident enough to sweat the pipes to replace the assembly like this, but I'm wondering if we could open it up and do the demolition, then call in a plumber just for the actual plumbing. Could this be done from the front only, without breaking in through the wall behind, if we cut the fiberglass surround almost out to the edge of the cover plate?

joecaption 12-12-2013 12:17 PM

A whole lot easier to replace the whole thing from the back side. In fact it may be imposable to do from the front.

inspectorD 12-12-2013 03:16 PM

Well, you could do it from the front ,you just need the right tools and don't screw up. I cut these with a vibrating cut saw all the time. I try to stay away from a grinder, or a rotozip because they can wander.
They do also make even larger cover plates, you just need to make sure your fiberglass surround will work with the cover. Some surrounds have bows in the wall that you set the plate against, and the weatherstrip does not compress enough....with all these see why the pro's get so much $$
The good thing about the plumber doing this, is they own the tub if they get it wrong.
And you may actually be able to do this easier from the back, only you would know that from where I'm sittin.:D

whitehart 12-13-2013 11:14 AM

Thanks. I think I have a new favorite website/app.

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