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Thomas529 06-09-2013 06:50 AM

Electric Water Heaters
Several questions:

In the house I am buying there is an old water heater in the attic. New one was installed and old one will not slide around it to be removed. Other than the obvious solution of making the seller remove it before we close, how hard is it to cut it in half and remove. I realize it could stay up there but I just don't like the idea.

Secondly, there is another water heater in attic above the garage. It is 20 plus yrs old. I will replace it shortly after moving in. What would be involved in moving it to the garage? Of course the 220 line would need moved as well as the water lines. Am I missing anything?

This is my first experience with a 1.5 story house and water heaters overhead. I know it's done all the time, but bad engineering IMO.

kok328 06-09-2013 07:02 AM

If you relocate the working heater in the attic into the garage then it will also give you the room to remove the bad heater that was left in the attic.
Relocate your water lines, run a new 220 circuit and maybe a circ pump depending on the length of run.

WindowsonWashington 06-09-2013 08:33 AM


Depending on size and rafter spacing (sometimes they really close them in) it might be easier to pull some roofing and take it out that way.

nealtw 06-09-2013 10:10 PM

You could cut in half with a sawsall but you would want to be really carefull with sparks.

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