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bryce 01-20-2014 11:23 AM

Going away for the winter?
I was think of going on vacation or extended travel at some point.
I was going to turn down the heating to say 40' f, the basement is much colder with only one vent.
I was planning to turn off the main water supply then someone told me the best thing to do is let your taps drip a little and that way it will never freeze?
I was planning to just turn down the hot water heater. I would rather not drain it out.
The cold water i would turn the taps on and let drain out. The hot just leave shut.
For good measure i was thinking to use a heating cable and wrap it around the cold and hot pipes in the basement. The pipes are close to the cold wall too.
It seems like a better idea to turn off the main water supply there is one in the basement there is also one out in the front lawn but it is buried at this point. But may it will freeze in this area if it is turn off? i see the city will charge $50 to turn off the water, i assume this is down at the lawn tap?
Now of just letting the water run a bit seems to make more sense.:agree:

JoeD 01-20-2014 02:03 PM

I would turn off the water and the power or gas to the hot water tank. If you think the house might get below freezing I would drain the lines.

Also you should check with your insurance company. Some of them require the house to be visited at least every 2-3 days when you are away.

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