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windkd 06-23-2009 09:48 PM

Help replacing tub spout
I have a tub spout that needs to be replaced (the diverter is stuck and shower no longer works). I have done this once before in a previous home with no trouble. This time, no such luck!

The current tub spout has the allen wrench access at the underside, at the back of the wall. The trouble lies in the fact that no matter what I do, I cannot find the allen screw/bolt. I have felt around with my finger, had my son try too, used a flashlight and a dental mirror, cannot find an Allen screw or bolt to loosen/remove in order to get this old tub spout off.

Any suggestions?? I would really love to take a real shower again and stop washing my hair in the sink after bathing :D

Nestor_Kelebay 06-23-2009 10:30 PM


Believe it or not, some spout manufacturers are using tub spouts that HAVE an access hole at the bottom (for a set screw) for their screw-on spouts.

And, you have experienced first hand the confusion this can cause... you don't want to twist hard on the spout for fear of damaging the copper pipe that spout apparantly slipped onto. But, there is no set screw to loosen to avoid possible damage, so you're already thinking of taking the spout apart from the outside somehow to prevent damaging anything.

Here, scroll down this plumbing forum about 18 threads to read the thread entitled:

"Tub Faucet Leaks during Shower" posted by Manbehindthecurtain.

You would do well to carefully read my post about the Moen 3931 tub spout if you've had issues with your old tub spout leaking when you turn on the shower.

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