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davescountry 08-27-2011 07:55 PM

Help with upstairs shower drain
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All, thanks in advance for the help.

I am working on an upstairs shower drain. This house was built in the mid-70s. The drain was leaking into the downstairs bathroom ceiling. So, I have torn out some of the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom to give me some working room.

At any rate, I determined the drain needed replaced. The ring basically broke into pieces when I pulled it out. I picked up a "no calk" drain from Lowes.

The problem I am running into now is that the clearance around the drain pipe and the wood around the drain isn't enough to get the new ring on. I am attaching a picture. IN the pic, the area with no clearance is about 2 o'clock. Working from below, I can fit the ring up in there, but the drain pipe is then off center. So, I can't get the drain started into the threads from above.

Anyone ever seen this problem and have any suggestions for me?

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